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Information Graphics

May 30, 2012

Information graphics are essentially a visual way of publishing data. It is a form of information communication through a visual register. It is the production of data-based images. Visualization, at best, which attempts to make people to do more than just look at an image, rather making them take notice of the information, connections and patterns that could not be seen before. It is intended to make the invisible visible and always tries to discover the unknown. Publishing such information graphics allows publishers to communicate their information through a simple and visual medium so that the public can understand their intended message.

These images above are examples of information graphics. These information graphics and thousands of others on are a refreshing change to the very simple and exhausted bar, line and pie type graphs. Information graphics are focused on presenting the aesthetics of publishing data. However, not all information graphics have to be bright colourful masterpieces. Timo Arnell demonstrates the visual effect that the dashed line has had on publishing images. As simple as a dashed line sounds, it has been used to represent images on as…


a sign of movement



and representing a path

By adding such simple information to an image it helps the public understand and gives them a better view of the information. There is an increase in publishing such information graphics as it ensures publishers that the public will understand their intended message.


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